Wrapsit Slipcover under seat folding quad Chair Pet Crate with soccer balls inside LeisureEase, LLC
black wrapsit slipcover under seat pet crate on folding quad chair with white American eskimo dog inside looking out
basic scissor-legged folding quad chair with measurements for ideal fit of Wrapsit slipcover under seat pet crateLeisureEase, LLC
illustrated image of shih-tzu dog with measurements for perfect fit within Wrapsit slipcover under seat pet crate on folding quad chair LeisureEase, LLC
Woman on picnic seated on Wrapsit storage unit covered outdoor folding chair with purse inside.
woman and dog walking with Wrapsit covered closed folding quad chair LeisureEase, LLC
Wrapsit covered chair open with American Eskimo dog, closed on chair and in retail package.

Convenient Wrapsit Under Chair Storage and Containment Crate

LeisureEase, LLC
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$ 29.99

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Outfit your scissor-legged folding quad chair with the only under seat storage and containment crate! Wrapsit slips over the base of your chair and includes everything you need to instantly create a dry, shady, safe retreat for your dog or dry, secure space for your stuff!  Ideal for picnics, on sports sidelines at dog agility events, while camping in your tent or RV –  anywhere you open your chair!

What's great about Wrapsit storage and containment crate?

  • Simple one-time installation. Secures firmly with 2" wide hook and loop
  • Large 5 cu. ft. area 
  • Heavy, durable, waterproof flooring keeps things dry and clean.  
  • Plenty of air circulation thanks to four large, tough mesh walls (No skimpy little windows here!)
  • Easy in-and-out access to the inside through the large opening on front corner with self-locking zippers
  • Yay! No more re-bagging your chair.... Closes with chair to become carrying case
  • Releasable shoulder strap
  • Staking loops at the four corners keep your chair in place on windy days
  • Generous 60 day return policy

U.S. Pats. #7,628,119; 7,975,654; 8,746,790 


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