Quad Chair Under-Seat Crate and Stowage Enclosure

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U.S. Pats. #7,628,119; 7,975,654; 8,746,790


The add-on accessory for use with basic scissor-legged folding quad chairs that creates a fully enclosed containment area beneath the seat of the chair. 


Wrapsit™ is a polyester slipcover that slips over and attaches around the base of traditional, scissor-legged folding quad chairs creating a large, dry, solid or mesh-sided enclosure anytime the chair is opened - all within the footprint of the chair and without interfering with the original function of the chair as seating.

The mesh-sided unit gives owners of small pets a convenient pet containment solution during activities without the need for a separate, bulky stand alone crate and without taking up extra space. 

The solid-sided unit has four large sides for customization and is perfect for corralling and securing all the "stuff" taken to events.  A Wrapsit covered-chair adds comfort, security and freedom on the soccer sideline, around the campfire, during tailgate parties, on the beach, at RV rallies... goes everywhere our chairs go! 


 When ready to go, Wrapsit simply collapses with the chair and wraps closed to become a carrying case with sturdy handle and convertible shoulder strap/leash.  Once in place, the cover remains with the chair and only needs to be removed for washing or, if desired, for transfer between chairs.  



  • Adds freedom to leisure activities - provides secure, dry space for the things we love to take along
  • Convenient - stays with chair where its always ready to use
  • Space saving, both when in use on chair & when closed with chair for storing 


  • Crush-proof in transit weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Simple belly-band packaging
  • Price is competitive to traditional technical bags and soft pet crate prices
  • Fits into several marketing categories (all with strong, trending growth) including: pet products, camping and sporting goods, outdoor recreation and leisure products and licensed/branded products
  • High product visibility and demonstrability when in use
  • Licensing also available for new patent-pending director's chair model
  • First to market with a broadly patented product

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