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Montecristo Travels blogs about a little chihuahua on international adventures and Wrapsit slipcover soft crate.
Not only has it been put to good use on our road trips for things like beach going, or keeping me at a safe distance from a fire pit and such… but it’s also turned out to be an incredible product for pit stops along highways when the bipeds need to find a way to eat outside with me because dogs can’t go into restaurants in North America.
Montecristo's Voice by Sonja Lishchynski


Orange Pet Guide logo used for Suzanne Frain review of Wrapsit slipcover crate.
In three words: convenient, functional and ingenious!We are so impressed with the Wrapsit that we think it should be awarded the BEST new product for dogs in 2017.

Wrapsit Soft-Sided Slipcover Pet Crate
Suzanne Frain at  
POW!Tailgating red cartoon style POW logo.

If you love your pet the Wrapsit is a great way to spend more time with them on gameday.  Consider it for your tailgate needs.

Tailgate Friendly Pet Crate

I like to take my chihuahua places, but I’m always having to hold her, run after her, or have her on a leash. With Wrapsit, I don’t have to do that.

Take Wrapsit to the Park 
Missy at

Cascadian Nomads, Amelia, enjoying the safety of Wrapsit by the fireside.
With the ease of setting up and closing my Wrapsit covered chair by simply pulling apart or putting together three strips of velcro, I want to throw away every chair bag I have and cover all my quad chairs with a Wrapsit.  Wrapsit Soft-Sided Slipcover Pet Crate
Bethany Clochard at