New Soft Pet Crate is Simple Folding Chair Slipcover

Leisure outings made easier for on-the-go pet owners with this innovative soft-sided dog crate solution  

chair cover crate Shih tzu dragging blanket into chair and gear loading into chair covered with Wrapsit.

With Wrapsit™ slipcover crate, Fido or Felix will find comfort and security and you will find at-your-fingertips convenience anytime and anywhere you open your chair.

Wrapsit soft-sided chair cover provides a dry, roomy 5 cu.ft. safe haven pets can call their own when away from home.

Simply slide the slipcover over the legs of your folding camp chair, secure the cover with hook & loop at each side of the seat, and open your chair.  It's a one-time only installation because Wrapsit closes with your chair to become the carrying case.

The soft crate's tough poly-mesh sides and waterproof floor allow for cooling air flow and provide protection from other pets and pests, while the chair seat provides shade and helps protect your pet from the sun.

A small soft-sided pet crate, Wrapsit provides your pet with a shady retreat from, people, other pets, pests and the general
yuck and muck of the day - while keeping them close to you.

It doesn't seem very fair that Fido gets all of the adventures! Take your cat with you to soccer games, parks, festivals and fairs with Wrapsit - an easily portable soft-sided pet crate that will allow your cat to stay close while enjoying fresh air, shade*, and comfort.

At last you can put the stuff you love, 
under your seat in a zippered compartment,
the only person who has easy access, is you!

Smiling woman relaxing on Wrapsit soft pet crate covered chair with purse secured within.The reality is, that in this day and age, we take a lot of stuff with us.  Besides the usual purses, blankets and personal items, the things we take with us during activities and events might also include snacks for hungry kids, drinks for parched soccer players and electronics for staying in touch.  Whatever it is that we drag along, most often the stuff we take, ends up in piles under our feet and around our chair.

Everything dry, discreet, and under your seat, not your feet!

With Wrapsit slipcover crate on your chair, it is easier than ever to keep personal items and expensive gear out of sight and out from under foot where items can create a trip hazard, become damaged or get stolen! Instantly, you have a chair with storage! The large, zippered corner opening makes it easy to access the contents and the waterproof base keeps everything dry and out of the general yuck and muck of the day.  

Wrapsit's convenience makes leisure time adventures easier.

dog travel crate dog travel crates travel kennel pop up dog crate dog travel crates Wrapsit opening and closing with a chair.

No more struggling to rebag your folding camp chair. Amazing convenience at the end of your day and ready to go for your next adventure.

How do you Wrapsit?

Wrapsit has quickly become a customer favorite for outdoor events, pet shows, beach outings, family reunions and more. Our customers have shared that they use Wrapsit as a:

  • Dog travel crate or travel kennel
  • Pop-up cat crate
  • Portable pet kennel
  • Secure item storage for outdoor events
  • Picnic container