Chair Fit and Pet Fit Guide for Wrapsit

Providing a feeling of comfort, shade and security for a shih tzu named Pelé  while on the soccer game sidelines, was the reason Wrapsit™ was created. A bonus was the protection of belongings as well.

Today, comfort and security for pets and belongings during leisure outings remains our mission. 

Wrapsit, is the ONLY folding chair accessory that covers the base of your basic outdoor camping chair and converts the space into a travel-friendly, collapsible, 5 cubic foot pet crate or storage chair. 

It is fully collapsible with your chair, so you really can take it anywhere you go . . . to the dog park, the beach, agility trials, fishing - you name it.

Wrapsit™ is
 at-your-fingertips comfort for your small pet and convenience for you, making your campfire or backyard lounge sessions so much more enjoyable.


Pet Fit

small kennel, soft-sided crate Cartoon Pele sized-up for Wrapsit.

NOTE: Wrapsit™ is ideal for short-term, supervised crating situations and is not intended to replace long term pet containment. Ultimately, you are the best judge of both the size and crating temperament of your pet to ensure its comfort and safety.




Chair Fit


Whether you refer to them as folding camping chairs, quad chairs, picnic chairs or lawn chairs...  the basic, scissor-legged, outdoor folding chair (depicted in the image at left) is one of the most popular items taken to leisure events and activities.

View our fit rating for some of the chairs we use.

NOTE:  Wrapsit™ does not fit on captain or director style chairs.



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