Installation and Care of Wrapsit slipcover pet crate

 Now, your can instantly provide your small dog with shade and a break from activities in the length of time it takes you to open your chair!  Our pop open soft crate for dogs easily attaches with hook and loop around your folding camp chair. This super convenient soft-sided pet crate is perfect for you and your pet on the go. Your pet's comfort and security is assured, making your leisure easier!
Wrapsit slipcover pet crate can be installed in just eight steps and in under 5 minutes. The best part is that you never have to install again. Wrapsit closes with the chair and wraps to become the carrying case where it is ready anytime and anywhere you take your chair!

Step one of Wrapsit installation on folding quad chair.
1. Lay Wrapsit open with inside floor of unit facing up and the seat panel laying flat to the front. 
2. Place closed chair in center of unit floor with the front of the chair facing toward the extended seat panel of the unit.
Step number three when installing Wrapsit slipcover pet crate on a folding quad chair.
3. Slide the chair into its open position while guiding the four feet of the chair into the four corners of the base of the Wrapsit unit. 
Step number four when installing Wrapsit soft pet crate on your folding camp chair.
4. Pull the front of the Wrapsit unit up and over the front corners of the chair seat. It may be a snug fit but will loosen over time.
Step number five when installing Wrapsit slipcover small pet crate on folding chair.
5. Lay the seat panel on the seat of the chair and secure the corresponding hook and loop tape at each side of the chair. 
Step number six of the Wrapsit dog crate installation on your folding chair.
6. Pull the back of the Wrapsit unit up to meet the seat extension at the rear of the chair.  Evenly engage the three security clips to the chair between the seat-back uprights.
Step number seven  for installation of Wrapsit dog kennel on your folding camp chair.
7. Lay the security flap onto the rear chair ledge and secure the hook and loop tabs at each end to the corresponding hook and loop on each side of the Wrapsit unit.
Final step for the Wrapsit foldable small dog crate installation on a camp chair.
8. Hang the wrapping panel by matching the center hook tape to the loop tape on the center of the unit's back panel.

You are now ready to enjoy the amazing convenience of your Wrapsit covered chair!Carrie sitting in a Wrapsit soft pet crate covered chair with pup Simon inside unit looking our opening.

NOTE: The easy step-by-step instructions for installation of Wrapsit on your folding chair (below) are also included on the inside of the product package sleeve. 

Care and cleaning of your Wrapsit. 

Your new Wrapsit pet crate is constructed of durable, washable materials and is very easy to maintain. 

  • MAINTENANCE CLEANING: If you will take the time to wipe the exterior surfaces and the interior floor with a damp cloth or sponge after every use, your Wrapsit unit should give you several seasons of pleasure. Leave chair in open position and Wrapsit unzipped until unit is completely dry.**
  • RECOMMENDED CLEANING METHOD:  Remove unit from chair and spray both interior and exterior gently with garden hose.  Wipe interior floor with damp cloth/sponge.  Invert Wrapsit unit and hang until interior of waterproof floor is completely dry.**

  • OCCASIONAL HEAVY CLEANING #3:  This method is not recommended on the Wrapsit packaging; however, if managed closely, an occasional machine washing may be desirable. 

    Empty your 
    Wrapsit soft kennel of all loose items and remove the wrapping panel from the rear. (Do not machine wash wrapping panel.) Collect and discard any pet waste from the floor of the Wrapsit unit before machine washing.  
    Remove Wrapsit from your chair. Close zippered opening and engage all hook and loop tape.  Machine wash unit in cold water on gentle cycle.* 
    Wrapsit can be machine dried on low. Check progress frequently. Of course, you may also
    hang-dry unit until interior of waterproof floor is completely dry.**

    *  Excessive machine washing/drying may adversely affect any waterproofing properties.

    Never store your Wrapsit covered chair in the closed position when either the chair or Wrapsit
     unit are damp.

    NOTE:  Your Wrapsit covered chair should not be left outdoors when not in use.  Prolonged exposure to the elements and sunlight will cause bleaching and may compromise the strength of the fabrics.


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