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Director's Chair Under-Seat Enclosure and Stowage Unit

Confidential - Patent Pending


The add-on accessory for use with side-to-side folding director's chairs that creates a fully enclosed containment area beneath the seat of the chair. 


This patent pending new product concept is a simple soft-sided, bag-style accessory that can be releasably attached beneath the seat of an outdoor folding director's chair to create a dry, shady retreat for small pets or a secure stowage area for personal items whenever the chair is in use. Requires no additional space because unit fits within the footprint of the chair itself. The flexible unit will not interfere with chair's mechanisms or seating function. The unit does not need to be removed except for machine washing or for transfer to another chair. Once installed, the unit collapses and folds flat with the chair where it remains ready to use again and again... anytime the chair is opened.

Interchangeable, customizable door flap

interchangeable door flap on wrapsit directors chair model



  • Adds freedom to leisure activities - provides secure, dry space for the things we love to take along
  • Convenient - stays on and folds with the chair so always ready for use, every time the chair is opened
  • Space saving - both in use and when storing, unit fits within footprint of chair


  • Crush-proof in shipping/transit
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Simple packaging
  • Price is competitive to traditional technical bags and soft pet crate prices
  • Fits into several marketing categories including: pet products, outdoor recreation and leisure products and licensed/branded products
  • High product visibility and demonstrability when in use
  • First to market 


Cost per unit: $8.00 - $9.00
MSRP $28.00 - $32.00 


600D coated polyester
PVC coated polyester mesh
#5 coil chain zipper w/2 locking sliders
Hook and loop tape
1" polypropylene webbing
1/4" nylon cord
1" plastic D-ring

Product Licensing Opportunity (U.S. Pats. #7,628,119; 7,975,654; 8,746,790):

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