Check out Wrapsit in Blue for a sweet new melody!!

Wrapsit soft crate for easy, organized outings with pets and gear

Comfort, security and convenience always ready,  anytime, anywhere... just open your chair

          Wrapsit takes you from this...


  • Pet discomfort and anxiety
  • Tripping hazards underfoot
  • Easy target for theft
  • Damage and loss possibilities
  • Dirty and wet personal items and pets

                     to worry-free fun


  • Shady safe haven where your pet can take a break
  • Everything organized and under your seat, not your feet
  • Secure - the only person with easy access is you
  • Dry and bug free

                       and easy endings!

    Wrapsit soft crate covered folding quad chair closing and wrapping panel engaing to become the chair's carrying case.

  • Collapse
  • Wrap and
  •  GO
  • Always ready for your next adventure!