About Us

Carla Collette and Lisa Bishop, co-owners of LeisureEase, LLC and developers of Wrapsit slipcover crate

Team LeisureEase, LLC

Lisa Bishop has been interested in solving everyday problems as early as she can remember. She has always taken things apart to see how they ticked - not always able to return the items to working order, but always learning something in the process. Having a mother who taught tailoring and clothing construction and who, as a single mom of four, lived the cliche “necessity is the mother of invention” resulted in Lisa’s love of developing and inventing.

In 2007 Lisa, a soccer mom, recognized a large percentage of the soccer match attendees brought small dogs. Owning a small Shih Tzu, Pele, with separation anxiety issues, Lisa wanted to bring him with her whenever possible - Pele, however, was not as excited about being subjected to other dogs and small children. This caused Lisa to consider portable crates, but she quickly realized they were just another item to haul around. The only item that almost everyone brought to outdoor venues was the portable folding quad/bag chair, and thus... Wrapsit™, the only folding quad chair accessory slipcover crate was born. On December 8, 2009, Lisa received the first patent on her creation, the second sailed through in October of 2011.   Lisa and Carla collaborated on and received the third utility patent on the technology in 2014.

Carla Collette is a nature lover, educator, advocate and now a product designer that has dedicated most of her thirty-year career to educating and inspiring others to conserve the natural world. She began her career in conservation as a zookeeper focused on saving endangered species such as lowland gorillas through carefully managed breeding programs. Though it was amazing work, she turned her attention to conservation education where she felt she could do more for saving animals by educating people and changing their attitudes towards nature. She has spent the past 20+ years dedicated to this endeavor by introducing people (primarily urban-based) to the natural world and inspiring them to conserve it. Her most fervent message is "get outdoors and discover nature." It is everywhere around us – even in the city at a little league baseball game, an outdoor concert in a park or even at a festival in city center. Take notice -  and enjoy!

However, Carla has long recognized communing with nature isn’t always that simple especially in an urban setting. Usually, you take a chair and items that are in demand - purse, phone, water bottle, snacks etc. - all of which you have to keep track of and protect from damage or theft. After thirty years of dealing with this common dilemma, she longed to find an easy way to resolve the problem but without adding another item to her already full arms. So when Lisa shared Wrapsit with her - she immediately recognized that Wrapsit is the answer everyone has been looking for. It is the easy convenient way to keep both pets AND personal belongings safe and secure while outdoors. This is when Carla had her own aha moment …this ingenious creation will help millions of people get outdoors and enjoy their leisure time more – how wonderful is that?
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