Our Story

We created Wrapsit to protect what's
precious to us when we are on-the-go!

the inspiration

Pelé loved outdoor excursions but he always had to be on leash because he was so quick and agile (much like his namesake, the Brazilian soccer phenom)! Also, his introverted personality meant he needed frequent breaks from activities and people in order to recharge. So, Lisa imagined, designed and then produced the first-ever folding camp chair slipcover that converted the area beneath the seat into a safe, shady, dry spot where Pelé could retreat, relax and enjoy his human's leisure time... and well, so could Lisa.



WrapSIT or WrapsIT?
Ahh... that is the question!

The answer may surprise you. We don't know. What we do know is that your Wrapsit covered chair provides protection for the things you love to take along and at-your-fingertips convenience for you - all without interfering with the seating function of your chair, so we say... BOTH! 

Pet or Purse? Again, the answer is BOTH. Though originally developed for Lisa's pup, Carla put her prototype to work protecting her personal valuables (think... stolen purse). Now, in order to get to her stuff, thieves would have to take her entire chair.

So it really doesn't matter which way you choose to use Wrapsit, your leisure time just got easier!


the creators

Lisa and Carla, two crazy, head-strong creative types, developed Wrapsit because they knew there was a better way to share and enjoy leisure time with all the things they loved to take along. Taking a small pet and lugging gear to outdoor venues was becoming chaotic and, keeping track of everything once there... well, it was a hassle!

There was nothing available on the market that could take care of the problems conveniently and not be just one more item to haul! When they asked around, the dynamic duo learned that lots of people had the same frustrations; however, it seemed everybody was just resigned to stuff being scattered underfoot or a dog wrapped around the legs of their chair. And so, the sisters decided to do something about it!

At LeisureEase, we make it easier for people to live an active life. 

We focus on developing simple, quality products for active families and outdoor enthusiasts that protect the things they love to take along. Less worry... more time to enjoy.

Sisters, developers, partners:
Carla Beaty Collette (left) & Lisa Beaty Bishop (right).

 There's more to come!  Take a survey and weigh-in on the latest,
patent-pending addition to the LeisureEase, LLC product offerings.