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14 simple ways to protect your furry companion and your heart

Valentine Pet Theft Heart-filled with a winking chihuahua mix dog.

It is only appropriate that Pet Theft Awareness Day is observed on February 14th, the same day we celebrate all things LOVE. If we are willing to risk opening our hearts to pets, we also need to be prepared to keep those same pets safe from loss or theft.
10 Simple Tips When Including Pets in Special Events

Cattle dog and corgi with chalkboard signs around neck with engagement announcement.

A growing trend has been to include pets in many celebrations and ceremonies being held outdoors. However, it does take an extra bit of preparation when including pets in these events.  Unfamiliar spaces, activities and people can make the pet you thought you knew so well, well... unpredictable.


Signs Your Dog Has Allergies and How to Make It Better
Allergy season isn’t just for humans. Dogs often suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies as well, but their symptoms are not necessarily in the form of itchy eyes and sneezing, so it’s not always obvious that your pet is suffering. Take a look at some symptoms and causes of allergies and, more importantly, how you can help limit your dog’s discomfort.


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