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  • DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friend
  • Lisa Beaty Bishop
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DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friend

DIY Halloween costumes for pets. Witch Cat and dog

Halloween is approaching and while your pets may not be able to join you when you indulge in some candy, they can certainly join in on the fun of dressing up! Pet stores always carry a variety of options, but you might find the prices to be a little steep for something your pet will most likely only wear once. 

Take a look at these fun DIY Halloween costumes and put your own personal touch on them!

ty Beanie Baby






Ty Beanie baby Tag for pet Halloween costume

This super simple costume is a great throwback to the days when TY Beanie Babies were everyone’s obsession. All you’ll need for this costume is a key ring or a bit of twine, poster board, and some markers. Just cut out a heart shape and decorate it like the old Ty tag. Attach the tag to your pet's collar and, voila, your pet is a limited edition Beanie Baby!

Working like a Dog

HGTV DIY Working dog Halloween costume.If you have an old dress shirt lying around, this is a great way to get your dog (or cat!) office-ready. This would be a perfect costume if your office allows pets at work. This tutorial will show you how to take an old dress shirt and a children's tie to give your furry friend a truly professional look. 

Photo Credit :HGTV.com

Cereal Killer

For this pun inspired costume, all you’ll need is an old cereal box, red construction paper, glue, and plastic toy knife. The dollar store toy section will probably have a knife that will work well. Cut blood spatters out of the red construction paper and glue them to the empty cereal box. Next, glue the toy knife to the box. You can also break off the blade and just glue the hilt on top of the box to make it look like the knife has been stabbed into the box. Once you have the blood and knife set up, fit the box around your pooch. There you have it – a cereal killer! cat halloween Cat costume.

Curious cats, who typically love to play in boxes, might also enjoy the serial killer costume; however, many cats will fall over when expected to walk with the box literally fitted around their body. That is when the super simple bloody bandana could be substituted to nearly the same effect and with less discomfort. Just cut a red triangle bandana into drips along the widest point. Tie the bandana around your cat's neck and mark where the hilt would be on one side and the corresponding blade should protrude on the other. Take off the bandana, lay it flat and hot glue the plastic knife parts into position. A little red paint on the blade and you're set to scare.  

Dress up the cone of shame

Cone of shame halloween costumes for dogs and cats.

Photo Credits: reddit/Walt435boredpanda

If your pet is unlucky enough to already be wearing a protective cone - a.k.a. the Cone of Shame - around Halloween you can make the best of it by incorporating the cone into their Halloween costume. Our personal favorite is a martini with a few olives, but simple (and less invasive for fussy pets) options like a flower would be easy and just as cute!                           
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Mutt mummy

All you need for this one is gauze!  This costume can actually do double duty for anxious dogs. The pressure applied by the wrap can provide similar calming benefits for dogs as swaddling does for babies. You’ll want the gauze to apply a firm pressure, but make sure you don’t make the costume too tight. Your pet should still be able to breathe easily and move comfortably.  

If your pup is familiar with wearing an actual muzzle, you can lightly wrap the gauze around his nose. Be sure that the gauze is loose enough for your dog to pant and do not leave it around the nose for an extended period of time.                                                                                              Photo Credit: Instagram

Keep it simple, safe & comfy                             

"DIY Halloween pet costumes" is a popular Google search this time of year. Type it in and you will find many, many more fun, simple and funny options. With some imagination, a bit of humor and a lot of consideration for your pet's comfort, they too can participate in your Halloween festivities safely.

How will your pet be dressed up on Halloween?

  • Lisa Beaty Bishop
  • catscostumesdiydiy pet costumesdogsfall festivitieshalloweenpets

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