5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Most Pets Will Wear

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Halloween is fast approaching and while your pets probably should not join you as you indulge in all the treats, they can certainly join in on the fun of dressing up! However, we've probably all seen it... that look of total humiliation as we walk out the door with Felix decked out in an alien outfit made of aluminum foil. Of course, for pets, the key to keeping things "fun" is to keep costumes simple, comfortable and safe.

Take a look at these fun DIY Halloween costumes we think most pets would abide. 

ty Beanie Baby


Ty Beanie baby Tag for pet Halloween costume

This super simple costume is a great throwback to the days when TY Beanie Babies were everyone’s obsession. The easiest way to complete this costume is to download the  printable tag from LaughingLatte.com, print on card stock, cut out and punch a hole! 

However, if you are a glutton for crafting, you’ll need about 6" of ribbon or twine, some red, white and yellow felt and some fabric glue. Cut out and layer with glue: a red heart, white t-y letters, a yellow star and there you have it!

With either method, be sure to add important information on the back. Include the pet's name, date of birth and some quirky information about his or her personality. Punch a hole along the upper left side of the heart and attach the tag to your pet's collar with the ribbon. Voila, your pet is a limited edition Beanie Baby!

Three-eyed Monster (or our edited version - Kermit)

This is not only a very cute costume, it is also soft and lightweight. The three-eyed monster pattern and instructions can be found at DIYnetwork.com and is touted as being completely no-sew. Hey, now that's a winner! 

When we saw this, we were reminded of another possibility. Kermit the Frog could easily be made using the same pattern, minus one ping pong ball and the white felt "teeth". Extend the pattern piece a bit along the pet's forehead to create a nose and change the X eye markings to Kermit's sweet, half-closed dots. You have just turned your little monster into everyone's lovable frog - and the best thing is we don't think he would mind too much (unlike the dog-frog in the banner)!

Original Three-eyed Monster Photo via: Carla Wiking

Working like a Dog

HGTV DIY Working dog Halloween costume.If you have an old dress shirt lying around, this is a great way to get your dog (or cat!) office-ready. The collar and cuffs are all you need of the shirt, and the only other item you need is a coordinating tie. This would be the perfect costume if your office allows pets at work.

A variation on the theme might include a white collar and cuffs with a black or red bowtie and some cuff links! You know... groomed!

 If you need more help, this HGTV tutorial will give you  the step-by-step for this truly professional look.  
Photo Credit: HGTV.com & Sam Henderson

The Bloody Bandana

You couldn't find a costume for your pet that would be much more comfy and CREEPY than the bloody bandana! Again, a no-sew project that anyone can do.

Simply cut out a triangular bandana from felt or fleece that is large enough to tie around your pet's neck bandana-style. Cut "drips" along both sides and including the point.

cat halloween Cat costume.Next, using card stock or construction paper, cut out a knife hilt and a separate blade tip.  Tie the bandana around your pet's neck and mark where the hilt would be on one side and the corresponding blade should protrude on the other. Take off the bandana, lay it flat and hot glue the knife parts into position. A little red paint on the blade and you're set to scare. 

You can find the step-by-step at SewDoggyStyle.com, but don't worry... this one would be good for almost any pet.

Creepy Crawly Spider

There are quite a few spider costumes for dogs on the internet, and many of them are actually pretty complicated for the crafter and cumbersome for the pet.  Sea Lemon video tutorial for spider dog costume.However, according to this Sea Lemon video, all you really need to create a spider costume is your pet's collar, a few twisted pipe cleaners and a little bit of time. 

We think this is super adorable (as cute as a spider can get) and any pet that will wear a collar will sport this arachnid like a champ!
Photo via: Sea Lemon

Now, as for all those not-so-into-dress-up pets, this may be a video right up their alley. Enjoy your haunting!


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