Losing the Inspiration of a Lifetime

Losing the Inspiration of a Lifetime

Gray and white shi tzu, inspiration for slipcover crate invention, on wood deck.

I called the vet today, and once again set up the after-hours appointment for my shih tzu, Pele. I've promised him that I won't cancel this time. There is a lot going on, but more importantly, there is Pele's comfort.  I have to do this thing!

Trying to launch a start-up is a time consuming and anxiety laden process; trying to bootstrap that start-up, well, there are no adjectives strong enough.  Now, doing this while trying to make the decision to euthanize the very inspiration for your flagship product and you start second-guessing every other choice you have to make.





Pele's arthritic back has left him in a perpetual hunch and his hips no longer have much control over the movement of his legs, but he can move - in a sort of sideways, crab-like crawl. He does eat and he does drink.  His bodily functions seem a-okay, though a bit more spontaneous than a year ago. And this is where I waver every time.  After all, isn't it supposed to be the inability to do these things that signals the time has come? Isn't it that easy?
Pele, inspiration for LeisureEase, LLC flagship product, Wrapsit slipcover crate..


I watched him this morning as he stumbled toward his pillow to find comfort while suffering through a mid-morning tremor. We have tried most of the medicines for pain, anxiety and seizures, but nothing seems to give him much relief. I picked him up and walked with him, which sometimes helps the trembling subside. And then, our eyes met and I instantly understood - Pele does not want me to pick him up anymore...


So, we are on again for tonight my dear, sweet inspiration. I promise you this time.


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