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14 simple ways to protect your furry companion and your heart

Valentine Pet Theft Heart-filled with a winking chihuahua mix dog.

It is only appropriate that Pet Theft Awareness Day is observed on February 14th, the same day we celebrate all things LOVE. If we are willing to risk opening our hearts to pets, we also need to be prepared to keep those same pets safe from loss or theft.
How to Keep Your Dog Snuggly and Warm in the Winter

Puppy asleep in Wrapsit slipcover crate covered chair

When we truly love our dogs, no outing or leisure pursuit is quite the same without their company. We do our best to take them everywhere, ensuring they wear their doggy seat belts in the car, having enough water and food to last them throughout the day, and sliding our soft-sided crate beneath our picnic chair so that our dog can rest between moments of activity and play. In the winter, however, we need to take special care to guard against health threats such as frostbite, injured paws and falls. Follow these tips to ensure your four-pawed friend is cozy throughout the coldest season of the year.

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