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12 simple ways to protect your furry companion and your heart

Valentine Pet Theft Heart-filled with a winking chihuahua mix dog.

It is only appropriate that Pet Theft Awareness Day is observed on February 14th, the same day we celebrate all things LOVE. If we are willing to risk opening our hearts to pets, we also need to be prepared to keep those same pets safe from loss or theft.
How to Keep Your Dog Toys Organized While Traveling

Up close picture of dog's mouth with a yellow ball. The last thing you want to deal with as you are trying to get out the door is a missing essential item. Do you really want your excited dog chasing you all around the house as you frantically search under beds and couches for their favorite toy? Avoid last-minute anxiety by packing a convenient travel bag dedicated to your pet's toys and travel needs.

Perfect Gifts for Active Dog Owners and Pooches
dog gifts holiday Perfect gifts for active dogsAn active dog is a happy dog, and owners of active dogs are happy when their dogs are getting all the exercise and entertainment they crave. These gifts for active dogs will most certainly keep pets engaged.
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