Leisure Time Nirvana with Wrapsit Portable Dog Crate

Back view of couple and small dog with Wrapsit covered chairs.

The simple, outdoor folding quad chair has been a staple for active individuals across the country for many years.  Whether headed to a picnic, outdoor concert, or a camping trip, chances are you are slinging an outdoor folding chair over your shoulder as you head out the door.  And, while everyone has a favorite variation on the standard, it remains that the largest share of any one specific style of outdoor folding chair on the market, still lies with the traditional, scissor-legged folding bag chair.  

Wrapsit slipcover crate folded into its purse-style retail-ready package.Good news!  Now, there is a portable soft crate, which is actually a slipcover add-on that fits the most popular sizes of traditional scissor-legged folding camp chairs and... this simple accessory can actually help you focus more on the activities and the fun at hand!

Wrapsit™ makes having fun with small pets easier and safer

Couple with stuff around chair and with loose pug dog at park concert.

Who doesn’t love to take their pet along for outdoor activities and leisure time fun? However, juggling leashes, kennels, and pet supplies (along with all the other stuff we take with us) can be a nightmare. For this reason, we either leave our furry friend at home, or, we take him along and have to monitor and manage him for his comfort and safety. This can result in distractions for everyone trying to focus on the events, and cause confusion and anxiety for our pet. We might even find ourselves being reminded that not everyone loves our sweet, little companion as much as we do!

Dog sleeping in Wrapsit covered chair. Photo by Bethany Clochard, Cascadian Nomads.

Now, with the simple addition of Wrapsit™ slipcover crate to your chair, you instantly create a dry, soft-sided safe haven for your small pet and/or all your stuff anytime and anywhere you open your chair.

Simply leave the zippered door open with your pet's lead clipped to the corner d-ring, and he can take part in the fun when he wants, or retreat from the activities when needed. 

The large mesh windows allow for your pet's ventilation and viewing of the all action from within the comfort of his own space. The kennel also has a waterproof base that will protect your pet (or your purse) from the itchy grass and moisture - not to mention the creepy crawly pests.

Tunes at Twilight outdoor concert with Wrapsit protecting and securing concert goer's purse.Man clapping at airshow standing next to Wrapsit full of stuff.

And, when you have Wrapsit™ at your fingertips every time you use your chair, you will always have dry stowage for all the stuff you drag along. Everything zippered-in and contained in one location means the only person with easy access is you! Everything safe and secure under your seat... not your feet!

One more amazing feature:

Wrapsit™ never needs to be removed!  When you’re ready to pick up and go, you simply close the chair with Wrapsit™ in place, wrap up the slipcover, toss the convenient strap over your shoulder and go.  You will never have to battle with that impossibly small chair bag again and you will instantly have a large, dry enclosure at your fingertips - whether to secure your gear, comfort your pet, or simply to create a standout in a sea of boring chairs - every time you grab your chair. 

Women carrying a chair folded with Wrapsit and walking a dog.When it’s time to pack up, you can easily turn the convertible shoulder strap into a leash, which will allow you to carry the chair and lead your pet with one hand, leaving your other hand free.  

Wrapsit™ outdoor folding chair slipcover has several exterior pockets that you can access even when the chair is folded up. You can easily stash dog treats, waste bags, your phone, sun block, or whatever else you need quick access to.

The slipcover also includes staking loops so that you can easily secure your chair to the ground on those windy days - or when that irresistible squirrel runs by.



Upgrade your folding camp chair to include a dry outdoor dog bed for all your leisure events and outings.

Once you've installed Wrapsit™ slipcover crate, you might be tempted to take your outdoor folding chair (and now, even, Fido) with you everywhere you go! Your new and improved chair is perfect for festivals, beach trips, tailgate parties, pet shows, days at the park, and so much more!  Where will you Wrapsit™?



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