Perfect Gifts for Active Dog Owners and Pooches

dog, gifts, holiday gifts Perfect gifts for active dogs.

If you know proud dog owners who love to stay active with their pet, there are a lot of great options for gifts. Of course, you might also want to pick up a few of these items as gifts for yourself and your beloved dog as well! An active dog requires more than just chew toys to stay happy and safe. Gifts for active dogs and their people are a treat for everyone.

Travel bowls and water bottles

Active dogs get thirsty and your pet's hydration is as important as yours; however, it's messy and inefficient to try to give dogs water out of a normal water bottle. When purchasing a pet water dispenser, consider both the size of the pet and the portability of the product.

We recently purchased the Highwave Auto Dog Mug* from a vendor at a dog show, and we love it!  The bottle must be held and squeezed the entire time the pet is drinking and the bowl is a bit small, so take these things into consideration when buying.  

Another alternative would be a collapsible water bowl with a handy carabiner clip. One advantage of a bowl is that it can also be used for feeding. There are many options available, from silicone pop-ups to stylish fabric foldables and they can be found at any pet store or online. 

Wrapsit soft pet kennel and chair cover

pop-up kennel Wrapsit™ soft-sided pet crate Okay, we admit that we may be a bit biased, but Wrapsit™ is an excellent gift for anyone who loves taking their dog with them on outdoor adventures and leisure outings. A simple chair cover, Wrapsit™ slips over any standard folding camp chair to create a soft and secure pop-up kennel beneath the seat, anytime the chair is opened. Wrapsit™ closes with the chair and secures with a wrapping panel to become the carrying case. There are several pockets on the wrapping panel that can be accessed even when closed, making it easy to grab things such as water bowls, treats, etc. The convenient shoulder strap can even be converted into a dog leash so that you can keep one hand free while still carrying your things and keeping your dog close by.

Car dog restraint

Any dog that spends a significant amount of time in a car should have a car restraint that keeps them safe. These specially designed doggy-seat belts can connect to any car seat and ensure that pets are properly restrained in case of any sudden stops. The restraints are also a great way to keep excited pups in their seat instead of jumping around the car and distracting the driver.

Dog first aid kit

Whether you buy a pre-made kit like the one found at On The Road Pet* or you design one yourself, a dog first aid kit is a great gift dog, emergency preparedness Dog with paw on first aid kit.for owners of active dogs. The kit should contain essentials such as gauze, tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide. The Humane Society has a comprehensive list that can help you pack the essentials.

Weather and activity appropriate outerwear

Dog vests come in different styles for a variety of activities:
  • Cooling vests are great for dog owners who take their fit pups on long hikes in warm weather. After soaking the vest in water, wringing it and strapping it on, the dog's body heat is dissipated through the evaporation process.
  • For those dogs living or playing in cold climates, the gift of a breathable, warm and waterproof coat would be appreciated. 
  • A reflective safety vest would be a great gift choice for people who enjoy taking nighttime runs with their dog.
  • Dog flotation vests or life jackets would be a "safe" gift option for the boaters and pool owners on your list. Pet advocacy groups actually estimate over 4,000 pets drown annually in pools, ponds and other bodies of water.
  • Cargo or pack vests provide roomy pockets for stowing gear and are a perfect option for active pet owners and their hiking or working dogs!

Ball launcher

Every active dog loves a good game of fetch! However, not all of us dog owners can keep up with the seemingly endless energy of a dog playing fetch!  

Ball launchers such as the ChuckIt* (which is inexpensive and can be found virtually anywhere), allow you to launch balls at a greater distance - tiring out your obsessive, ball-chasing pal without wearing out your arm.

There are several new automated ball launchers on the market.  These units are interactive and allow dogs to load balls into the launch hopper themselves which means pups can play fetch on their own, anytime - perfect when owners are gone for the day!  The dog's size and activity level should be a consideration when making your purchasing choice between launchers.

In Summary

An active dog is a happy dog, and owners of active dogs are happy when their dogs are getting all the exercise and entertainment they crave. These gifts for active dogs will most certainly keep pets engaged.

What would you love to receive for your furry loved one this holiday season?


* We have not received compensation or free product for any items mentioned in this post.


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