North Texas Irish Festival has gone to the dogs

This weekend, Carla and I are looking forward to setting up our Wrapsit booth at the North Texas Irish Festival (better known as NTIF) in Dallas, Texas. We will be near the general admissions gate in the Grand Building and have the honor of "pitching tent" alongside many of the local animal rescue booths. 

"NTIF is proud to be one of the most pet friendly events in Dallas. Not only do we encourage visitors to bring their dogs to the park for a day out, but we also provide complimentary booth space to about 50 local pet adoption societies and pet supply stores."

rescue dog North Texas Irish Festival dog rescue station.






Southwest Celtic Music Association, Inc
photo by Loyd Jones

The many activities scheduled for the weekend center around all things Irish and include live music, storytelling, dancing and whiskey. Carla and I are especially interested in watching a bit of the sheep herding trials.

If you are in the area, please come out and enjoy the energy, food, brew and gorgeous weather.  Don't forget to visit the Grand Building where Wrapsit and all of the wonderful, adoptable pets will be hanging out. Who knows... you may be blessed enough to find your next four-legged family member!


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