How to Make Your Pet Crate Do All the Heavy Lifting

Bringing your best friend along with you everywhere is great, but it’s not exactly easy. Taking your dog on an outing always seems to start out simple and end up with you lugging around half your pet’s belongings.  If you’re headed to the park, you can’t forget to take extra water, portable water bowl, treats, food, and of course a toy or two to keep your pet entertained. All-day outdoor events might require a kennel and blanket for when your dog needs to relax. All of those items can quite literally weigh you down. 

Your small pet crate doesn’t have to be a burden

Dog kennels are not exactly known for being easy to transport. Hard-sided kennels are clunky, heavy, and take up a lot of space in the car and in crowds. Soft crates are a little easier to handle, but at the very least they require you to use one of your hands to carry the kennel, leaving only one other arm to carry all of your other supplies and hold onto your dog’s leash. However, not all small pet crates are created equal.

Turn your small pet crate into a personal porter

soft pet crate, storage, outdoor camping chair, stuff Wrapsit loaded with the extras we take with us on outings.

Let’s consider all the things you might pack for a day at the park with your furry friend. Your packing list probably looks something like this:

1.   Water bottle                              6.   Leash
2.   Water bowl                               7.   Folding Chair
3.   Treats/Food                              8.   Blanket
4.   Sunglasses                               9.   Purse
5.   Sunscreen                               10.  Toys 

Sure, you could toss all of those things into a tote bag and lug that around along with a small pet crate, but it will be pretty difficult to enjoy a walk with your dog with all of those things weighing you down. (Also see this Barkpost article: 14 Essentials For A Perfect Picnic With Your Dog) But, why should your pet crate only serve a single purpose? Compact kennels are great, but multi-functional kennels are even better.  So why not make your small pet crate do the heavy lifting for you?

Wrapsit™ slipcover crate fits over your folding camping chair, leaving plenty of easy-to-access pockets available for everything on your packing list. You can store everything you need for you and your pet to be happy and comfortable within the slipcover. Even when folded up, Wrapsit has accessible pockets where you can store everything you need for a day out with your pet.You can use the shoulder strap to toss everything over one shoulder leaving your hands free. Of course, you can also tote by the padded handle and unhook the releasable shoulder strap to use as a leash! You can carry everything on your daily outing list and secure your dog while still leaving one hand free. 

When you’re ready to take a seat, you can pop open the chair, which will create a small kennel area directly underneath the seat. You can sit comfortably while your pet rests in a kennel beneath you. You won’t have any need for a blanket, as the kennel protects your pet from the ground.

When you’re ready to play, zip your belongings into the kennel to keep them safe while you focus your attention on spending quality time with your pet.

Hanging out with your pet should be fun

picnic, soft crate, pet crate, dog kennel Pele pulling the load for a picnic.

Isn’t every picnic, day at the beach, and afternoon in the park much more enjoyable with your furry companion by your side? How many times have you decided to leave them behind because you didn’t want to bother with lugging around all the supplies? With a multi-functional pet crate, a day out with your pet is simple and convenient, so you can go back to having fun instead of worrying about your packing list!

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