Forward Ho to the New Year of Wrapsit slipcover crate

A recent post on Facebook prompted a review of the 2015 year for LeisureEase, LLC and Wrapsit™ slipcover crate. Looking through the posts and images of the past year, Carla and I were reminded of the unwavering interest and support we have received from so many of you, whether at dog shows, pet expos or small community events. It is always affirming to witness that "aha" moment when the concept of Wrapsit™ becomes obvious.  It is also humbling to witness a support beyond our expectations, as you - trainers, exhibitors, rescuers, bloggers, retailers and pet owners - patiently await the convenience and security of Wrapsit™ slipcover crate. 

As a thank you, please enjoy the Wrapsit™ 2015 Year in Review infographic and don't forget to follow us into the future via our social media links at the bottom of the timeline.  

Forward Ho!

Houston World Series of Dog Shows loves Wrapsit™ slipcover crate by LeisureEase, LLC.


The Houston World Series of Dog Shows goes crazy over Wrapsit™ slipcover crate.




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