Wrapsit™ slipcover crate, by LeisureEase, LLC, is an accessory for use with traditional, scissor-legged folding quad chairs. It is the ONLY soft-sided, slipcover pet crate available on the market and makes sharing leisure fun with small pets easier, more comfortable and more secure than ever before! 

Securing in place with simple hook and loop, Wrapsit™ crate completely encloses the wasted space beneath a folding chair's seat, instantly creating a nearly 5 cubic foot, dry, mesh-sided safe haven for small pets and your personal belongings. Once installed, there's no need to remove... Wrapsit™ slipcover crate becomes the handy carrying case, so no more fumbling with rebagging. Simply close your chair with Wrapsit™ slipcover in place, wrap and go!

Comfort for your pet, security for your stuff and at-your-fingertips convenience for you, anytime and anywhere you take your chair!  


Press coverage
" In three words: convenient, functional and ingenious! We are so impressed with the Wrapsit that we think it should be awarded the BEST new product for dogs in 2017. "
Product Review: Wrapsit Soft-Sided Slipcover Pet Crate
Pet Guide - April 26, 2017
"With the ease of setting up and closing my Wrapsit™ covered chair by simply pulling apart or putting together three strips of velcro, I want to throw away every chair bag I have and cover all my quad chairs with a Wrapsit."
Make An Old Quad Folding Chair A Dog & Cat's Favorite Camp Chair|Wrapsit Slipcover Pet Crate
Cascadian Nomads - July 10, 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love this new soft sided crate for little doggies. We have all used the top of our crates for a table, now we can sit on it too! 45 second setup for the agility trial, so fast and easy. All packed up ready to go... 40 seconds gone."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Allie loved being able to crawl into her safe place when the action became too much. We almost put up a yard sign that said "Wrapsit"!!! Every few minutes someone would come investigate and question where to get one! "
Heather Epperson, active pet parent/Barn Hunt exhibitor
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have [Wrapsit] in blue and LOVE it! My two chihuahuas love it too. We use it every weekend at agility competitions. It's the only kennel they've ever put themselves in instead of me having to put them in!"
Lisa Beaty Bishop
Lisa has been interested in solving everyday problems as early as she can remember. In 2007 Lisa, a soccer mom, recognized a large percentage of the soccer match attendees brought small dogs. Owning a small Shih Tzu, Pele, with separation anxiety issues, Lisa wanted to bring him with her whenever possible - Pele, however, was not as excited about being subjected to other dogs and small children. This caused Lisa to consider portable crates, but she quickly realized they were just another item to haul around. The only item that almost everyone brought to outdoor venues was the portable folding quad/bag chair, and thus the aha moment, and Wrapsit™, the only folding quad chair accessory slipcover crate was born. On December 8, 2009, Lisa received the first patent on her creation, the second sailed through in October of 2011. Lisa and Carla collaborated on and received the third utility patent on the soft-sided containment technology in 2014.
Carla Beaty Collette
Vice President/Owner
Carla has dedicated most of her thirty-year career to educating and inspiring others to conserve the natural world. Early in her career as a zookeeper, Carla's focus centered on saving endangered species such as lowland gorillas. Most currently as an educator, she introduced a primarily urban-based population to the natural world, inspiring them to conserve it. Her most fervent message has always been "get outdoors and discover nature." It is everywhere around us – even in the city at a little league baseball game, an outdoor concert in a park or even at a festival in city center. Take notice - and enjoy! When Lisa shared Wrapsit™ slipcover crate with her - she immediately recognized the concept as the most convenient way to keep both pets AND personal belongings safe and secure while outdoors. This is when Carla had her own aha moment …this ingenious creation will help millions of people get outdoors and enjoy their leisure time more – how wonderful is that?
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