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    Wrapsit is always <br>ready to help you play...

    Wrapsit is always
    ready to help you play...

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      whether offering a<br>shady retreat for Fido...

      whether offering a
      shady retreat for Fido...

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        or a dry, secure <br>spot for your stuff!

        or a dry, secure
        spot for your stuff!

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        Wrapsit, the original soft crate accessory for your folding camp chair.

        Instantly create a dry, shady safe-haven for your pup and a clean, secure place for your stuff...
        any time you open your chair.

        "So good we blogged about it! We love this product and it is a life saver when on a road trip with your pet. Beach, highway stops, outdoor events.... works for all of it. Never leaving on a road trip without it."

        Sonja L. (montetravels@yahoo.com)

        Perfect For:

        ・ agility trials ・ lure coursing ・ pet shows ・ beach outings ・ tailgating ・ camping ・ dog parks ・ sports events ・ concerts ・ festivals ・ rodeos ・ picnics ・ fishing ・ hunting ・ motocross ・

        #happywrapsitting on Instagram @wrapsit to share where adventures
        take you, your pup, your stuff and your Wrapsit covered chair.

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