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    Wrapsit is always <br>ready to help you play...

    Wrapsit is always
    ready to help you play...

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      whether offering a shady retreat <br>for your pet...

      whether offering a shady retreat
      for your pet...

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        or a dry, secure <br>spot for your stuff!

        or a dry, secure
        spot for your stuff!

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        Wrapsit soft crate, an accessory for your folding camp chair, creates a cozy, safe-haven or secure organizer... protecting pet or purse.

        Make sharing leisure adventures with small pets and all your stuff,
        easier and safer by sliding Wrapsit onto all of your basic folding camp chairs.
        Now you have a tough, waterproof, safe haven for the things you love - every time you open your chair!

        Perfect For:

        ・ agility trials ・ lure coursing ・ pet shows ・ beach outings ・ tailgating ・ camping ・ dog parks ・ sports events ・ concerts ・ festivals ・ rodeos ・ picnics ・ fishing ・ hunting ・ motocross ・

        #happywrapsitting on Instagram @wrapsit to share where adventures
        take you, your pup, your stuff and your Wrapsit covered chair.

        Be sure to visit us on Instagram @wrapsit to see where seriously adventurous,
        fun-loving people use Wrapsit.



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