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          Wrapsit soft-sided slipcover pet crate...
          they're gonna love you for it!

          The innovative pet crate that slides onto your folding quad chair and makes it easy for you to take your pet wherever you have fun.

          This tough, soft sided cat or dog crate is perfect for pet lovers on the go looking for a portable, foldable kennel or crate solution that makes it easier to include their small pets in adventures!


          "I set up the Wrapsit™ outside of my RV recently, one day I couldn’t find Mick, I panicked for just a second, because I knew I had put him on the tie out cable, then I followed the end of the cable into the Wrapsit™
          and there he was, all snuggled up.
          It’s become a favorite place for the dogs to hang outside the RV."

          Juliet Whitfield, Trainer/Digital Storyteller/Canine Adventure Architect
          Tails From the Road & Take Your Dog Along

          "My dog and I love our Wrapsit. I keep the travel pet crate in my car. It's my seat. It's his seat. It's his crate. It's my storage area.
          All in one Wrapsit! Gotta love it!"

          Jeffrey Scott Ryan, Owner/Trainer
          Gotta Run Agility

          Perfect For:

          ・ agility trials ・ lure coursing ・ pet shows ・ beach outings ・ tailgating ・ camping ・ dog parks ・ sports events ・ concerts ・ festivals ・ rodeos ・ picnics ・ fishing ・ hunting ・ motocross ・
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